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What is Lean Tube Workstation

Nov. 16, 2017

Lean tube workstation is a kind of workstation that uses 28mm diameter lean pipe (plastic pipe) with a wide range of connectors, and according to the operation needs to install the panel, row and other applications assembled workstations. 

Lean tube workstation can be independent, can be combined, easy to adjust, according to the operation needs of the freedom to design and assembly. For a variety of industries testing, maintenance and product assembly; the use of wire bar table allows factories to be more tidy, easier production arrangements, logistics more fluid. 

Lean tube workstation can meet the continuous improvement of modern production needs, in line with man-machine principle, the field staff to operate standards and comfort, the concept of the environment and the rapid realization of the creative. At the same time it has a light, strong, clean and wear-resistant surface characteristics.

Lean Tube Workstation

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