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Application of Lean Tubes

Nov. 13, 2017

Application of lean tubes

Lean pipe mainly with high efficiency, high degree of variability, easy to understand, economic, environmental impact as the design concept. It is widely used in industrial manufacturing.

- Various types of workbench or combined into different unit production system (lean production methods)

- Station equipment (production line assembly station or material entry point distribution rack system)

- Storage shelves (traditional multi-shelf, medium and light multi-storey first-in-first fluent shelves, shipping chute system, special application shelves)

- Turnover, Material Carts (General Purpose Multi-Layered Material Loading Carts, Non-Universal Material Dispensers, Temporary Storage Vehicles, Specially Designed Mobile Appliances)

- Material rack (fixed non-universal material storage, temporary storage rack)

- Commercial applications (product display stand, personalized display stand, creative display)

- Other Applications (Whiteboard Racks, Flower Racks, Object Racks, Bookshelf, and Creative Applications)

Application of Lean Tubes

Practical application of lean tubes

Flexible features can be freely assembled and shaped.

Lean tube production line

Lean tube workbench

Lean tube work desk

Lean tube work table 

Lean tube office furniture

Lean pipe line

Lean tube storage shelves

Lean tube turnover car

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