Metal Joints for Pipe and Joint System KJ-3(HJ-3)

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With the joint of King 9 pipe joint system, You can realise many ideas. The joint contact the pipes with each other. Without any special tools you can clamp the pipe in the joints and fasten the bolt.

The metal joints are aailable in blank, zinc plated, chrome plated and nickel plated.

The thinkness of the joint steel is 2.5mm.

The use of metal joints and management from Toyota's jit production philosophy, lean production was applied in the vast number of companies, reflecting a surprising effect. Products can be arbitrarily assembled: Flex flow rack, fifo storage, workstations, lean production line, carton flow, sliding rack, lean work cell.

KING 9 TECHNOLOGY COMPANY LIMITTLED is a professional manufacturer of hardware fittings, accessories of limber hook up for logistics(Plastic coated pipe system) and Lean products. There is a specialized team in our factory, and we always engage to study, design and manufacture of limber hook up system(Plastic coated pipe system), manufacture accessories of limber hook up for logistics(Plastic coated pipe system), electron, electrical appliances, and hardware fittings of machines as well. In order to widely satisfy for customers, our products will raise value and be eco-friendly.

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