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Swivel Caster Wheel with Brake

Feb. 02, 2018

Swivel caster wheel is widely used in trolley, warehouse, production line, factory, restaurant food service and tools box. With the features of easy use and install, swivel caster wheels are applied to plastic tubes system or lean tube workstations. As the important part of lean tube workstations, a good quality wheel brings a good user experience and high work efficiency. It would be very quick and light if using a high quality swivel caster wheel.Swivel caster wheel with brake brings more safety.

Swivel Caster Wheel with Brake

King9 produces and sells high quality swivel caster wheel, 3 inch swivel caster wheel. Our products adopts PU/PVC/ESD as its materials. Orange, vermeil, ESD black are available. To be more safe, we have swivel caster wheels with brake. More details welcome contact us at any time.

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