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Pipe Rack System Caster Wheels

Feb. 09, 2018

Caster Wheels are applied in Trolleys, furniture casters, medical appliance, machines equipment and ect. We supply different sizes of caster wheels. Our PU Caster Wheel For Trolley is popular in international market. Also, we provide 2-5 Inch Caster Wheels.

PU Caster Wheel For Trolley

Advantages of our caster wheels?

Design Standard: Scaled by the most current specification in the industry. Particular attention to the use of people, items, equipment, safety and service life as the design principle

Production process: Emphasize the use of each caster function, must be precise, never allow the manufacturing process of nonconforming product outflow.

Detection: The whole manufacturing process in addition to conventional standard measuring tool, but also increase the special rules and instrumentation testing to ensure that the functional index compliance.

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