• Plastic Connector for Flow Racks J-005
  • Plastic Connector for Flow Racks J-005

Plastic Connector for Flow Racks J-005

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Product Details

This plastic joint, used to connect to the metal joint and lean pipe.To rotate the joint online can also be free on the rod.

Part No.Plastic joint
MaterialABS / PE
Kg / PC0.01
PC / CTN100

** Manufacturing standard: Using GB materials to processing and manufacturing. Only the qualified products can pass strict King 9 quality control and inspection.

** production process: Consistent with the national standard (excluding special type products) ABS material. We emphasize on the functions of each product. Cutting corners in manufacturing process is not allowed.

** Design requirements: Referenced by the majority of user experience. Emphasizes on the safety of people, articles, and equipments; Prolongs the service life.

** Testing: In addition to the regular standard gauge testing, a special gauge testing is added for every process to ensure the functional indices reach the standard.

** Product features: Using ABS plastic material refining but becoming. Compared with metal joint, it is more beautiful, handiness simple and useful, installation does not need screw to prevent damage of the products. 

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