• 60mm Placon Roller Mounting Bracket

60mm Placon Roller Mounting Bracket

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Product Details

Roller track for lean pipe rack system

Roller track placon gravity carton flow rack conveyor

Applied to runner such as sliding shelf, slide way shelf,
Carton flow rack & shelves, gravity flow rack, fifo flow storage etc.
Widely used in the warehouse storage field, with high strength, self-lubricating, shock resistance, long life span.

The detailed information for roller track

MaterialAluminul alloy/steel
Packing4 pieces packing in film & carton
Length4 m per pieces
Diameter for roller34mm

Al alloy frame skate roller rail is made up with high strenght Al alloy frame ans ABS or PE engineering plastics,the color is yellow,black and white.

Roller Track Splice: The length of the power drive system can be easily modified using QSPL splices to extend the track. Lengths of the roller channel can be cut with a carbide blade miter saw.

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